Quest Geospatial Locator

Use Quest GL to find difficult locations quickly

The Quest Geospatial Locator tm  is a specialist gazetteer search engine, built for finding difficult locations in the quickest possible time. For emergency services, the engine integrates directly with EISEC to pinpoint callers locations.


nearby search

  • Very fast, google-like, single-line searching
  • Fault tolerant gazetteer using automatic cluster technology
  • Distributed gazetteer – share same gazetteer with police, fire and ambulance. Updates are automatically distributed
  • Not just an address lookup. Capable of performing other types of spatial queries (see below)
  • Static and dynamic data: vehicles, people, addresses, POI, warning areas, areas (e.g. villages, open spaces etc.)
  • Software-as-a-Service, use the gazetteer from multiple applications

Search Capabilities

Quest has advanced text searching capabilities that let the user find locations.  

  • True single line search – no address parsing necessary
  • Flexible data entry – as the call handler hears it
  • Handle misspellings a.k.a. fuzzy search
  • Lock to area of the map
  • Find objects near a point on the map
  • Find roads, road junctions
  • Discover areas
  • locate objects near another, (e.g. Tesco near to Trafalgar Square)
  • Automatic handling of stemming and synonyms – Tesco = Tescos

Authoritative & Extensible Data

  • Multiple sources of data
  • Big Data, handles millions of records
  • Index static features such as properties, open spaces, roads, areas
  • Index dynamically moving or changing objects such as vehicles, radios, areas of interest
Nearby search of hospitals within 250 meters of Roosevelt Street in San Diego
Nearby search of hospitals within 250 meters of Roosevelt Street in San Diego


  • Distribute the database across multiple servers. Automatic synchronisation of data
  • Fault-tolerant design with service bus and distributed search engine
  • Designed for high performance, low latency searching
  • Update database on-the-fly.