Use the Quest EISEC module for integrated emergency number lookup

In the UK, all emergency calls are routed through British Telecom. Calls are then passed on to the appropriate emergency services. BT also provide a digital service that provides additional caller information, such as address or mobile phone location.

Recently, BT upgrade EISEC to support to version 2.3. This upgrade supports the Advanced Mobile Location (AML), providing highly accurate mobile locations information.

Emergency services can capitalise on this new feature by using the Quest EISEC and Quest Geospatial Locator together. Call-takers can use this powerful combination to accurately locate both mobile and land-line callers in seconds, reducing the time taken to dispatch a vehicle.


Play the video below to see Quest in action. Here is what happens:

  • A mobile call arrives.
  • With a few seconds the EISEC system provides an approximate
  • The operator is able to search within the area, in this case the caller is saying they are near a pub.
  • A few seconds later an accurate location is returned by EISEC and the call taker pin-points the location