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How well placed are your standby points and what would happen if you moved them?

If you changed you deployment strategy how would that affect performance?

Is the roster working for you or against you?

The answers to many of these questions could lead to performance increase and significant cost savings.

Extent OPSim is a comprehensive simulation environment for researchers to analyse ambulance and hospital performance under various conditions. The simulator accurate models emergency events, the dispatch process, and respective ambulance responses. Ambulances follow a predicted road journey using your road network and representative speeds. Both "On scene" and "At hospital" times are also accurately portrayed on a by-determinant basis using continuous distribution functions gathered from historic data. Together, these simulation components are able to produce both accurate and precise estimates of performance under different conditions.

Several core components which act together to provide the complete simulation environment. Comprehensive performance data is collected as the simulation plays out, allowing the researcher to compare different runs and get an idea of how performance changes under different conditions.

What can it be used for?

The simulator can be used for several purposes such as :-

  • trial new methods of dispatch
  • determining the effect of roster patterns on performance
  • rest-break and crew fatigue analysis
  • finding optimum location of standby points
  • discovering how performance varies incident-to-resource ratios
  • effect of hospital re-locations, closures and openings
  • effect of hospital delays

Ambulance Dispatch Policies

Extent OPSim's modular design lets the developers at Extent craft new highly complex dispatch policies. These policies can then be exercised within the simulation environment to see how they behave. For example, a research project identified a possible dispatch policy that could dispatch to incidents or standby points within the same algorithm. Some tuning was required, using the built-in optimisers, but some impress results were obtained.

If you have an idea about a dispatch policy and would like to see how it would work out, give us a call.

Routing Engine

A core component of any simulation involving a road network is a routing engine. The simulator has a built-in routing engine built from the ground up. The routing engine uses the real road network, augmented with actual speed data captured from your ambulances.

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