Quest Routing

Use Quest Routing, when you need highly accurate dynamic routing, coverage and ETAs

Most routing engines use flat speeds for different road types, and that produces Image of routing pathinaccurate routes and ETA. If you require accurate routing then you need an advance routing engine and speed model. 

The Quest Routing engine is an advanced engine that is capable of producing accurate routes and ETAs because its engine has a built-in accurate speed model built from real data. The engine is capable of routing emergency vehicles that have different speed profile and road regulations, and also takes into consideration factors such as time of day and location.

The standard road speed model defines road speeds for each road link at every hour of the day. The routing engine is also able to estimate journeys and times for emergency services vehicles that have a difference speed profile and obey difference road rules.


  • Fast - routes are generally calculated within milliseconds
  • Multiple road speed models
    • e.g. emergency services road rules
  • Advanced speed model improves accuracy 
    • by vehicle type
    • speeds by hour of day
    • by area
    • individual road segment


The Quest Routing Engine can be accessed via the Quest service bus or using the Quest Web API.